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Are you ready to learn how to leverage your knowledge and expertise to add digital products and high level coaching packages to your business? I’d be honored to guide you.

I work with women who are ready to get serious about their business and create something sustainable. The women I work with recognize that true “job security” is in entrepreneurship, through multiple streams of income. They are serious about taking inspired action and serving or creating their own communities. 

Clarify Your Calling

  • You are excited and passionate about the possibilities for you and your business, but you lack clarity around exactly who specifically you can serve, and what you can create as a digital product or coaching package.
  • You have an existing business, but are struggling with consistent leads and revenue
  • You want to create additional streams of income that allow you to serve a wider audience in less time.
  • You are ready to add coaching or consulting to the services that you currently provide to your dedicated clients. 
  • You are overwhelmed and frustrated by a lack of action in your business and are ready to hit the reset button and grow

What you need is CLARITY

When you get CRYSTAL CLEAR about your vision, the overwhelm, the fears, being stuck, and feeling confused disappear. In the Clarify Your Calling Coaching Intensive,  you will tune back in and come back to alignment with what truly fuels your desires in business, as well as how to effectively package, price, and sell your services. Not only will you have clarity, but you will have a plan. Actionable steps to be taken immediately which will catapult your business to the level of growth you desire. 

“Clarify Your Calling” is a 4-6 hour coaching intensive, held virtually, or in person. The benefit of the intensive is to clarify and plan in one setting, rather than be stretched out in a longer bi-weekly coaching program. Having the intensive allows you to “get to business” right away and earn more money, faster.

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Business Breakthrough

  • You are ready to breakthrough the fears that have been holding you back from taking productive action
  • You’ve struggled with overwhelm, “all the things”, Imposter Syndrome/Fraud Complex
  • You know you have an incredible message to share with the world, but you are scared to put yourself “out there”
  • You desire the confidence to consistently show up on video for your growing audience

What you need:

  • A mindset redirect, so that you can eliminate the negative thought patterns that have been programmed into your subconscious. You can’t solve a problem with the same thinking that created it. Through strategic questioning, and implementation of new positive habits, along with EFT Tapping, you will clean up all the thoughts that are holding you back.
  • A simplified plan on how to reach your clients and sell your services without getting overwhelmed and experiencing burnout.
  • Coaching and consulting around the products you can create and/or coaching services that you would like to offer
  • Learn how to create digital products that will sell themselves.

“Business Breakthrough” is a 90 Day Comprehensive Coaching Program, designed to radically shift your mindset and facilitate the transformation needed to confidently run and scale your business.  

What’s included:

  • 1 x 45 minute call, each week for 90 days, recorded on Zoom so you can rewatch
  • Access to me through FB Messenger and E-mail in between calls
  • 1 Tapping Intensive (2 hours) to clean up fears, blocks and limiting beliefs
  • Customized coaching in the areas you need it most – clarity, confidence, sales, marketing strategy, website, branding & messaging, social media, coaching skills and content creation.

Please schedule a Discovery Call below to find out if this is the best coaching package for you.



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